Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cupp of Crapp

In case you hadn't noticed:

In case you hadn’t noticed, The Daily Caller has a blogger named S. E. Cupp who is an avowed atheist and conservative. That being said, I have gone on the record and stated that she’ll probably be Roman Catholic within 10 years. Not only does she “aspire” to be religious, but, her new book defending Christianity from the liberal media makes a lot of flimsy assertions about evolutionary theory. She defends Creationism on majoritarian grounds for example, which seems more an example of opportunism than principle.
Ten years? I give it two years, tops -- it will take only as long as it takes for her publicist's warehouse of monkeys chained to typewriters to tap out her next book, the one in which she describes her journey from non-belief to The One True Faith.

On the basis of her lame show of non-belief during her appearance on last night's Bill Maher show, this book will be complete bullshit.


larryniven said...

She aspires to be religious?? What?

This merits some investigation...

Dale said...

It would be interesting to try to find anything in her public writings that sounds as if written by a genuine non-Christian. I don't have the patience for it at the moment, but I will make the bold guess there's little to be found, maybe zero.

Kerri said...

Pretending to be an atheist is a very common marketing strategy these days for books targeting a mainly Christian demographic. For example, two books by Lee Strobel were written years apart and made the desperately irrational and unconvincing arguments for Christian fundamentalism. BOTH started with a prologue claiming "I used to be an atheist, but then I looked at the evidence (of the "literal truth of the Bible" and the "literal truth of young earth creationism", respectively)and became converted.

Strobel was very obviously a believer all along. He just wanted to sell a few books by pandering to the fundie fantasy that a non-believer's disturbing capacity for reason can also be the instrument of their conversion.

And did he ever sell some books! I've yet to meet a fundamentalist who didn't own one of them, didn't repeatedly cite it on discussion forums, and in one case even lend me one and beg me to read it.

So, I'm betting "S.E. Cupp" (which does not sound like a real name) is already a believer, and that her book sells like hotcakes to other believers while barely being noticed by genuine atheists.

Dale said...

Kerri, yep, we've been around this block many times before. It's not as though atheists don't share their 'de-conversion' stories, but since religious people are always reminding us of how almost-universal belief in god is, it rings a little truer to say "I was once a believer" than "I was once an atheist."

Whatever. This instance, this Cupp person, is so obviously contrived. I would be glad to be proved wrong, but I seriously expect her next book, or maybe the one after, to be her brave tale of conversion.