Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Did You See the Drummer's Hair?

It takes five guitarists to play Pavement's "Cut Your Hair"? Maybe.

Motion City Soundtrack covers Pavement

Here is the so-called original version by Pavement:

Just as there are levels to Pavement songs, there are levels to the appreciation of the band's music. "Cut Your Hair" is one of the infectious, catchy Pavement songs, another being "Stereo;" the second level of Pavement endearment involves songs like "Range Life" and "Here." From there, some go on to embrace the likes of "Major Leagues," "In the Mouth of a Desert," and "Stop Breathin'."

But there are limits -- no good-hearted person can endure "Carrot Rope." I have said it before, I realize, and I will continue saying it until that song is expunged from all human memory.

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