Monday, May 17, 2010

Great Bad Music

Can 206 million+ youtube views be wrong? Well, obviously they can, but Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" can't be all bad if it inspired this:

Speaking of Lady Gaga, I know what I hate, and I don't hate this:

I don't much like it -- it's pretty far outside my strike zone -- but I can see the appeal. I especially don't hate it after reading Amanda Marcotte's write-up, which began with a further compelling reason to appreciate Lady Gaga, namely, Andy Rooney -- still an asshole! -- finds her music baffling and annoying. Marcotte:

Some of this recycling is ironic, like the Beyonce video. But most of it---hip hop sampling, Tarantino flicks, Amy Winehouse, etc.---is actually in love with the source material, and considers the recycling an homage. But should be no question about it---it is the mainstream.
Certainly it is mainstream, but there are worse things to be.

Last and not least, the news is that Ronnie James Dio has died. His participation in this Tenacious D homage says a lot about his talent and his good-natured willingness to refuse to take his own Rock Star persona too seriously:

Farewell, RJD. May Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, or someone else Andy Rooney can't hear give the world an updated cover of one of your songs.

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