Monday, May 17, 2010

Is That What They Used to Call Them?

You'll be "a bacon-snitcher for life" declares this ad for Swift's Premium bacon from the 1960s, from which it's reasonable to guess that "bacon-snitcher" is a colloquialism for "a randy geezer with straying hands" that has since fallen from everyday use (as far as I know). It's tempting to say we no longer feature bacon-snitchers in advertisements, but no, a good third of the ads running today seem to be for erection pills, so really we are seeing advertising peopled with more bacon-snitchers than ever.

Nowadays, our world less enchanted but singing out the phrase "erectile dysfunction" from every radio and television, we call them "elderly rapists" or just call them by their formal clerical designation.

I have borrowed this image of a personal-space-violating Geppetto-in-plaid from Found in Mom's Basement.

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