Friday, May 21, 2010

Roll Tard

I had hoped that ignoring Alabama's recent televised displays of yokels a-fussin' over who can be the more belligerently idiotic would somehow mitigate it, but I might as well try to wield a broom against the rolling tide.

For any more successful at ignoring it heretofore, here is exhibit A, exhibit B, and exhibit C, in no particular order. There are surely more ads of the same basic type -- tedious posturing, a thick drawl, stupid turned up to 11 -- but I don't want to overtax anyone's knowledge of the alphabet by taking this past C.

Here is a lovely remake of exhibit A -- it sneaks up on you. I expected little from it, but it had me cataplexic (video) before it was over:

I'm voting for Cooter.

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