Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Special and Not-Special

For a brief time, I was able to believe that the idea of obstructing the construction of mosques in the USA was just a momentary concern of one of my far-right social networking "friends," who recently posted this in earnest:

Now that I realize my "friend's" quandary is part of an upward-trending fixation of the country's dumbshits, I feel less special.

A typical reply to D__ was this one, from a non-friend I am pleased not to be able to identify:

Granted, I have not set any land-speed records for forbearance shown to the Islamic faith, but my quarrel is always with the truth-value of the beliefs and the deeds those beliefs demand or sanction, never with the followers themselves, their legal and non-violent business dealings, or the buildings in which they gather.

For my part, I suggested to D__ that he should accept the work and seize the opportunity to decorate the inside of a wall with the star of David / face of Mohammed tile wallpaper that's sometimes difficult to find a suitable place for. Secondly, more earnestly, I suggested that he should expect to lose the right to bitch when Muslims undertake parallel exclusions and boycotts against Christians. I was too kind to point out that should he refuse the work, he should also expect a reduction in sympathy the next time he bewails the lack of paying work.

These times leave no space for "mind-forg'd manacles" when they're someone else's. Mine are nobler.

I leave you with this more recent update from D__, which serves to assure my three readers that he is not without an appreciation for sources of insight and inspiration that take us beyond our little historical moment and its preoccupations:

(cartoon at the top from Married to the Sea)

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