Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Sun Shines on Big Box Stores

Earlier today, just as I was listening to a story on This American Life concerning the broad, deep, and persistent privations that mar Haiti, I pulled in to the Target parking lot, where I took these two photographs.

These are upwards of 30-40 straight, seemingly solid 4" beams attached with steel bolts to the faux masonry facade of the Target building. They form a trellis on which nothing grows, and under which nothing is sheltered save for the unlabeled metal housings that are fixed to what might have been a concrete walkway if not for the obstruction they form. They don't stop any rain. They are not the beginnings of a floor. They exist, it would seem, to connect the faux masonry pillars to the larger building, but this only begs the question of why work and materials went into the design and construction of those faux masonry pillars.

So, whatever, right? Of course.

On the trip to Target where these photos were taken, I bought about $50 worth of shit I can barely remember just a few hours later, so I'm totally not a part of the problem.

Problem? What problem?

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