Saturday, May 29, 2010

To Race Oranizers - Please Deactivate

I expect that organizing a running event can only be a thankless task, so let me add to that thanklessness in the short term in the hopes of reducing it down the line:
Do not use Active dot com.
Catch that? I will make it bigger and bolder:
Do not use Active dot com.
Once more, this time with colors and a couple of other methods of emphasis:
Do not use Active dot com!!!
The reason is simple: they suck. They're parasites. They're spammers. They're ad shoveling, chiseling hucksters. They have seen a world wide web overloaded with incompetent, pointless, sanity-threatening portals and have said, "us too!"

They are nothing but a filthy trap of garish ads, visual noise, and worthless, cluttered bloat, as the screen capture above will attest. It shows every sign of taking the course outlined in "How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell" at The Oatmeal.

And that's when their site works as designed. Note how certain items come up flawlessly -- the links to their page concerning an event in Denver they've managed to suck in to their orbit, links to a several "feature pieces" they think will look enticing, and big ads for a major German automaker. After you wade through that morass of screaming commerce and blaring "branding" to locate the "Log In," button, this is what happens, and this is not the first time I have seen the same or close:

I give them credit for acknowledging the problem is on their side. I subtract that and more because they exist and continue attaching themselves to running events. I hope running event organizers will re-think this, drop active dot com, and find different ways to facilitate online race registrations.

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