Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bad, Bad, and Bad (Good)

Really? No, really? Apparently so.

It gets worse if we turn our attention to the Oklahoma legislature, which is more obsessed with abortion, and more consequentially and dangerously so, than any teenage girl impregnated by her abusive father could ever be:
One [bill] would require women seeking an abortion to fill out an exhaustive, 20-page questionnaire about all aspects of her personal life, which would be then given to a government agency for "analysis" and posted online. Another would force them to get an ultrasound and listen to a detailed description of the fetus before getting the procedure. Another would encourage doctors to lie to expecting mothers. Still another would tie women to a pickup truck and drag them screaming through the streets for ever daring to have a vagina in the first place. I might be exaggerating that last one. But not by much.
Would the last civilized human being to leave Oklahoma please shut off the lights? The remaining dead-enders there should not be assumed to understand the fundamentals of electrical power, if only because it's not explained in the Bible.

I close with something that's bad, but in a good way: this episode of the Reasonable Doubts podcast features Jeremy Beahan as a call-in guest of a Christian radio show. The discussion concerns free will versus determinism, and, well, Jeremy quite simply destroys his interlocutors. There's no other way to put it. It's a thing of beauty in its way.

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