Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beer - The Down and the Up

Weirdly, the article from which this graphic comes appears to regard the developments as bad news. I know, right? Whereas I can't find a way to see it as anything but good news that the world's shittiest beers are declining in the USA. It can only mean that Americans are drinking something else, since (gawd knows) the raw number of Americans is not declining, those Americans continue desiring alcoholic beverages, and surely the net caloric intake of Americans is remaining at a constant upward tilt. It follows they're drinking something else with alcohol in it, and this implies they're drinking something better than the horrible megabrews referenced above.

Well, OK, the news is not completely good -- it's genuinely regrettable that some well-meaning people find themselves trapped by circumstance, hemmed in by a fate in which they depend on sales of these shitty beers for their employment.

If so, I hope they can find work elsewhere, or, if they are truly dedicated to working in the beer industry, it's not as though it's going away. It's alive and well, and it goes only up from where they presently toil. Speaking of which ...

The Rogue Brewery is headquartered in sunny Newport -- the beer they make there is so superb -- so expertly, lovingly made, of such surprisingly varied flavor, dimension, and type -- that I am wary, and maybe a little ashamed, to mention it in the same post as those horrible megabrews.

I've probably mentioned before their Shakespeare Stout -- a beer I drink only too rarely and, when I do, immediately wonder if I deserve to be drinking anything as perfect. If you can get any where you are, do so. If you cannot, do so anyway.

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