Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Chip - Day 5

I watched the progress of this miscellaneous corn chip on a stair from its appearance on Monday morning (6/21) right through to the time I took these photographs on Friday afternoon (6/25). Its provenance is a mystery; I can only assert, and depend on the reader's indulgence in accepting my claim, that this is not a place where one would normally expect to find a corn  chip.

Since the chip first appeared on the stair on the summer solstice, I am tempted to call it a summer chip, or connect it with the earth's orbit around the sun, or to characterize it as a harbinger of a seasonal change, but not very tempted.

I will, however, observe that the corn chip has a fragment -- a chiplet, or moon chip, next to it, as is shown in this fuzzy artfully unfocused close-up:

I speculate that the moon chip was formed when the larger chip fell to the concrete and fractured, which is more appealing than the idea that it broke from a second chip that was picked from the stair and eaten by the chip-dropper, and less dull than the supposition that it was dropped separately.

If the chip is still present the next time I pass by, I will be surprised, but not very.

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Anonymous said...

I went back through your beautiful photos and am struck by the artistry of this one. The lines, the geometry, and the colors speak some larger truth. I must concur with the hypothesis you put forth.