Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dating the Calamity

People of the future, this was quite possibly the day that we, the people of our time, gave up on dealing with climate change:
Lindsey Graham, the only Republican even nominally favorable toward any kind of carbon pricing plan, has announced that he can't support the Kerry-Lieberman bill because it doesn't allow enough offshore drilling (!), and without Graham there's pretty much zero chance of getting any further Republican support. So the odds of passing climate legislation, already slim, have now dropped to zero. The only option left is a pure energy bill, something that accomplishes very little, and accomplishes that little solely by offering up subsidies to every special interest you can imagine.
Strange. Lindsey Graham had already backed out of climate change legislation back in April, so how many times we should expect him to drop out going forward? Will this be a quarterly thing? I say it was delusional from the start to expect Lindsey Graham, or any other Wide Stance Senator, to lift a finger toward meaningful climate legislation, but Lindsey Graham did make noises along the way. As recently as January, he made a GOP-y nationalistic argument for the idea:
every day that we delay trying to find a price for carbon is a day that China uses to dominate the green economy ... China has made a long-term strategic decision and they are going gang-busters.
Now, several months later, with the Gulf of Mexico filling with crude oil and cluttered with dead sea life, and China's forward motion on green energy continuing apace, and no consequential carbon-pricing framework anywhere in sight, Senator Graham has found the answer that his party never abandoned in the first place: drill, baby, drill.

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