Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, The Musicality

As I am not a member of a Hood to Coast team this year for the first time since 2005, I was quite naturally planning to devote that weekend to venting my resentment, frustration, and grief -- seeding portions of the course with chihuahuas, renting several minivans to make them unavailable to teams, chalking demotivational slogans along the way ("stop, you're embarrassing everyone", "you're not even close", "those aches you feel are probably serious", "those chihuahuas weren't yipping from love", etc.) -- but today brought a modicum of bitterness-assuaging news in the form of an oppressive new rule:

Participant use of headphones or audio amplification devices are banned during participation in the relay (this includes but is not limited to ipods, mp3 players, discman, walkman, etc). These devices severely impede runner/walker ability to hear surroundings and are a safety hazard.
Discman? Is it still 1989?

I kid the Hood to Coast because I love it, but really, this rule is too much. What next? No texting during legs in the dead of night somewhere in the wilds of western Oregon? No sexting?


Domestically Challenged said...

But.... can humans even run w/o music??? NOT possible!!!!

Dale said...

DC, ugh. Tell me about it!