Monday, June 14, 2010

Salvage Operations

I wish I could believe this movie about Hypatia won't insult the intelligence of everyone over six:

I wish I could believe a lot of things. This has every appearance of being Braveheart in a skirt --- um, I mean, Braveheart in Alexandria. You know, a she-Braveheart: long on melodrama, short on everything else. Is it too late for them to do the entire thing in Pixar? It could work that way; they could still use Rachel Weisz's voice.

Speaking of religious fanatics and reductions of history to simplistic slogans, here's Bill Donahue carping at Stephen Hawking:

How any rational person could belittle the pivotal role that human life plays in the universe is a wonder, but it is just as silly to say that all religions are marked by the absence of reason. While there are some religions which are devoid of reason, there are others, such as Roman Catholicism, which have long assigned it a special place.
Yes, a special place -- lost in one of the Vatican's couch cushions with an old comb, some pennies, and a soiled spork.

I wish I could say I hope to learn more about what Bill Donahue means by the pivotal role that human life plays in the universe. Oh, wait, no I don't. I don't wish that; I think I have a very clear idea of it. It's enough to observe that Bill Donahue considers himself a significant, necessary defender of the One True Faith, and he believes that the One True Faith is essential to human affairs. When Bill Donahue suggests humans play a pivotal role in the universe, then, he's a few brief steps from saying what he means, namely, that Bill Donahue is pivotal to the universe. The rest of us are his guests. He controls the very quasars!

Is it too late to reconsider and render him in Pixar? That would be no less annoying or brash, but it might insult our intelligence a little less.

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