Wednesday, June 16, 2010

That Which Cannot Be Unseen

I can give two reliable assurances about this youtube video: (1) It is PG, or at most PG-13, no worse than that. You could watch it along with your parents without breaking any unambiguous taboos -- it's not sexual in nature, nor does it portray harm done to people or other living things. It would not even be fair to say that there is anything degrading about it, or if there is, there is only one person involved, so it is a case of self-dealing. (2) It is not the most extreme of its kind in the annals of the youtubes.

I am purposely not embedding it, though I could -- I'm as astonished as anyone to find that even I have my limits. It might well bring you to appreciate the simple, calming beauty of this fateful image, which has made many appearances on this precious, precious blog:

All of which is to say, don't follow the link. You'll be better off if you just move along and pretend you never heard of it. If you have clicked the link and watched the video, let me just say I'm sorry -- I'm sorry it exists; I'm sorry it can never be unseen after it has been witnessed; I am sorry that I introduced it to you. Really, I am, but as with so many things, I have this notion in my head that sharing a trauma can somehow lessen its damage. This approach almost never works, but I keep doing it.

Again, I am sorry.



Sheldon said...

Damn you Dale. Here I saw this at work where YouTube is blocked, and I was dying of curiosity half the day, and all it was was a fucking boil (a boil, not a zit!) being popped. Thats gross. Even more disturbing is that there appears to be a whole series of zit popping videos. I resisted.

Dale said...

Sheldon, I accept your damnation. I'm not in place to say 'giant zit' versus 'boil' versus 'something else,' but it looked awful. Just awful.