Thursday, July 22, 2010

Congress 2.x

A new entry is made in the worldwide treasury of very sketchy ideas:

Great developers are systems fixers and systems hackers. There is no system more ripe for elegant process hacks than the United States House of Representatives. Put a developer in Congress, and they’ll start exposing data on their own. They’ll build systems to make it so they can hear from their constituents better. Just as Ted Kennedy had his staff make the first Congressional website, a developer in Congress will seek to use new technology to make their job easier. That’s what hackers do.
Web developers have their positive qualities, but they are also the creatures centrally involved in The Oatmeal cartoon excerpted below:

Great developers are exactly the ones who should continue their great developing -- the world needs that more and more. That leaves the fair to middling developers, and suffice to say Congress is feckless enough already without an influx of people who have spent vast portions of their professional lives sitting in meetings doing nothing but playing endless rounds of "who can use the most buzz words per unit time"?

If it's any consolation to the politically aspiring developers out there, I am confident they would do extremely well at buzzwords-per-unit-time in Congress, so well as to set all kinds of new records -- unless and until, of course, Congress receives an influx of project managers.

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