Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 06 - A song that reminds you of somewhere

For no good reason, but consistently -- that's music for you, right? -- "Kid in Candy" by The Spinanes reminds me of Reed College circa 1991-1992.

Don't you agree? If not, something is terribly amiss.

Central among the absence of reasons for this association sits the fact that "Kid in Candy" was released on the album Arches and Aisles in 1998, and therefore it's not obvious why my mind has connected it with a place where I never heard it and never could have heard it.

I can only say something in the emotional tone of the song feels like that place at that time as I experienced it.

This is part of the 30-Day Music Meme.


John Carter Wood said...

Funny, the Spinanes remind me distinctly of the University of Maryland, College Park, 1993-4.

But more this song.

Which fits better with the time and place.... You been messin' with that time travel again?

Dale said...

Playing around with time travel? Moi?

Clearly, the Spinanes are doing just that. Were? Will be?

I say they're among the most underrated of 90s-era bands. I miss them.