Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 15 — A song that describes you

A great many songs catch me in moods that feel representational of something swirling around on this side of the ear canal: Neko Case's "Guided by Wire" puts to mind certain memories and brings out a sense of gratitude; Stereolab's "The Man with 100 Cells" (lyrics) is a song I adopt in those rare instances when I feel like trying to convince myself to grow up; and, when I'm left with being merely realistic, I find that Stereolab's "Margerine Melodie" describes me a little too well:

The beauty of this creature could only be equalled by
the extent of its paradox only be equalled by
because it wanted two things
opposite and conflicted

It wanted the light, it wanted everything in sight
wanted to dominate or at least to participate
idling in the comfort
of its chair and its slippers

The curiosity of the extraordinary creature
was indeed limited because it could not suffer
the unknown, in any shape or form
at the same time it wanted to look everywhere

Set up in its seat at the top of its tower
the creature revelled in being a spectator
through the glass, what a glorious view
relishing the gift of so much transparence

Relishing the gift of so much transparence
having had absolutely no influence.

This is part of the 30-Day Music Meme.


AW said...

Well, I can certainly relate to some of Margerine Melodie myself. Being the incredibly complex character I am, although not quite as paradoxical as you, I'd have to say I hang on a cross between Simon and Garfunkel's "I Am a Rock," and the Allman Bros "Melissa." Nothing appeals to me more right now than hoppin' a freight train and gettin' the hell away from everyone. Even Melissa.

Dale said...

AW, do they have wi-fi on freight trains these days? I would hope so.