Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey Blogger, Try Harder (BONUS: Turkish Flying Man!)

Granted, I have quite a few posts on this precious, precious blog (PPB), but then again, blogger is now one of the google's spider arms, and the google is all about whirling through massive metric tons of text and bringing back accurate search results.

So why am I consistently getting this self-pitying, question-begging "request took too long" error message -- too long for what? too long for the end-user's emotional contentment? too long for the good health of some database? too long to keep the earth's orbit going as expected? too long to bring balance to the force? whuh? -- every time I try to find something on my own blog? To be clear, I get this from the "edit posts" interface, not from the search window thingy in the upper-left corner of the public-facing manifestation of this PPB.

I have my reasons why I want to search the "edit posts" interface, and they are excellent. The blogger interface appears to embrace and anticipate those excellent reasons by putting a search function right there in the "edit posts" interface.

The support forums suggest I am not alone in this deeply upsetting flaw. You would be wrong, dear reader, to suppose that helps.

Last and never least, this video inspires the bat-shit dreamer in me:

Hey blogger, be like that insane Turkish man. Try harder. Believe you can fly and then shock the world by doing so.

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