Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sic Semper Tyrannus

This sign seen recently in Indiana is notable for how it quotes the Bible accurately -- Leviticus 20:13 really does say that -- and I will charitably assume it accurately transcribes the address of "Cross Bearer Ministry" in Indianapolis.

The only license it takes is with the two nooses, which serves perfectly well to illustrate the idea of putting the offending gay men to death -- indeed, it is milder than what could easily be imagined in its place. Still, for those who care what the Bible says and does not, it is worth noting that death by hanging finds no explicit Biblical warrant: drowning, stoning, poisoning, bludgeoning, decapitation, crucifixion, or shooting could equally fulfill the Biblical demand. The Bible god wants what the Bible god wants, and here, no particular method was prescribed.

Hanging offenders is perhaps a little old fashioned, but it has all the power it ever had for sending a stern message to the public.

As confirmed in both the sign and an on-site interview there in Indiana, at least some members of the Yankee Taliban are willing to take the Bible god's view of the matter: that people engaged in same-sex relationships deserve the same ending as any genocidal tyrant, and will, on that same account, endure the same eternal fate after death.


Sheldon said...

I also note that the spelling is accurate. Surprise, surprise...

Dale said...

Sheldon, it IS nicely spelled, isn't it? You can see the effort they put in to it.