Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unnamed Person Says No

The Minnesota Independent, the leading journal for independents from Minnesota (or so I assume), brings this titillating snippet of public dialogue:
George W. Bush - Miss me yet?
Unnamed person with spray paint - No
So it's not Shakespeare, Wilde, Bergman, or Tarantino, but it will do. Even those of us ready to vomit with disappointed rage at the constant stream of chickenshit flowing from the Obama-Biden administration do not miss the judicially-installed stylings of George W. Bush and the lying monster at his side who so often seemed to be orchestrating all the pointless wars, tax cuts for rich people, and torture definitely legal-and-useful interrogations. I checked the googles and can confirm that as of this writing, according to a spate of reasonably recent news items, the monster Cheney remains medically alive.

Not even a little bit do we miss George W. Bush. That unnamed person with spray paint speaks for most of us, I daresay. The Obama-Biden team would do well to stop eating into the margin of favor they continue to enjoy over their predecessors. Those margins are running thin, and that shouldn't be.

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