Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bulldozers Ready?

I pause to wonder which of the several mosques -- indicated with red dots -- in the vicinity of lower Manhattan need to be bulldozed in keeping with the sudden uptick in scat-throwing alarm* about placing a mosque somewhere close to "ground zero."

I make the assumption that the new mosque is proposed to serve Muslims who live or work in the area, from which it directly follows that they live or work in the area. This being so, can it really be enough to cancel the new mosque? Won't someone think of the innocent children, tender elderly, angry right-wing Christian tourists, and other fine delicates?

It seems clear that the people who would have gathered and prayed in that mosque need to be watched -- closely watched, perhaps in Muslim-only camps, for their safety as much as ours, and far away from Manhattan. I wonder if there are any spare cattle cars into which they can be loaded for easy and rapid transportation to somewhere else? I trust this can all be accomplished in an orderly fashion.

I do hope so.

* I decline to link to any of it. If you want it, it's easy to find.


Sheldon said...

So I never thought there would come a day when I would say "Hell Yeah! build that damn Mosque!" But now I have after seeing this.


Under no circumstances should we let these right-wing jackasses win this, cowing spineless politicians into brokering compromises over non-issues.

Dale said...

Sheldon, I agree. And yet this is their game, isn't it? Shit all over the news cycle for days on end over fucking nothing. I barely even wanted to address it. I still don't. It's so fucking stupid I have a hard time believing even the far-right in this country is playing anything other than a game. Most of the time when they play this game it seems split between players and dupes. This time it has to be all players. Right?