Thursday, August 5, 2010

Following Something Into the Dark

Because the internet enables such things, and because we know -- from histrionic opponents of gay marriage if from no other source -- that whatever is permitted will eventually become ordinary, and then expected, and then legally mandatory, I went to rate beer dot com to find my favorite beer, Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout, and see how it compares with the other stouts of the known universe. I am pleased to see it is number six -- pleased because it means there are evidently five very fine stouts in front of it, and pleased because six is very, very high on a long list.

The Rogue people should pay me for my unsolicited shilling of their products. Speaking of that, I say all of this a day ahead of what may prove to be the end of me -- my first ever visit to Portland's Belmont Station, a forest fire to my wandering moth. I have no idea if I will ever find a way to leave after I enter. I hope they have a bathroom. I hope Rogue and/or Belmont Station will consider paying me in beer rather than cash.


Dry Weasel said...

Guiness used to be my favorite back in the day, but that's only because I didn't know about Mikkeller et al. Sadly, or happily depending on how well you knew me, I stopped drinking many years ago.

If you do find a way to leave, I hope it's with a designated driver.

Dale said...

Dry Weasel, congrats on stopping drinking. I can assure you I don't drink as much as my eyes sometimes hanker for -- I am a lightweight, and gladly so.

Guiness is a fine beer.