Thursday, August 19, 2010

Forget Evil Momentarily

English translation: Google This page is in English Translate it using Google Toolbar?
Dear The Googles -

For purposes of the next few paragraphs or so, I am willing to put aside my concern with your recent high-profile dalliance with "oh, go ahead and be evil," but I here speak for a higher aim: don't be weirdly, inappropriately helpful.

I speak and write in English vanishingly close to 100% of the time. This blog is composed in English. My thoughts are in English. My schooling was in English, from kindergarten on up until they finally got me to leave. My home town, Ponca City, was a place where everyone I knew spoke English, or a dumbed-down version of it they had picked up from Hee-Haw, Beverly Hillbillies re-runs, and oil industry public relations campaigns. My parents and grandparents spoke English, as do all my siblings, cousins, and favorite television programs. My keyboard is laid out as the English-speaking keyboards of the world are laid out (which I assume is distinct to English and superior).The town I live in, Portland, is a predominantly English-speaking town, and to the extent that it's anything else, there's a smattering of Spanish to be heard here and there, and I only know enough Spanish to lip-synch the MAX announcements: puertas a la derecha, puertas a la izquierda, Se prohíbe orinar en MAX, etc., and I don't so much know those as hold them in my head by dint of rote.

See that? "By dint of rote" -- only an English speaker would dare write something that ungainly, or so I assume. I have to assume it because, as i've mentioned, I'm pretty much English-only, all-hours.

So please, The Googles: stop offering to translate web pages from English to something else. I don't doubt you can do it, but the result will be something I can't read because -- I believe I mentioned this -- I read, write, speak, and think in English.

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Bible Study Boy said...

I realize that many professing Christians teach that one must live by certain rules in the flesh in order to be saved. However, all that is required for salvation is faith alone in Jesus Christ. I also realize this is an atheist website, or at least it appears to be, but there is a great bible study website that shows why many professing Christians don't really represent true Christianity. Many profess to know God, but they are full of evil and hate trying to get people to live according to their rules. This is contrary to the bible which teaches that faith alone in Jesus is sufficient for salvation, not our own works of righteousness in the flesh.