Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gold in the Molars

image source, fetched 10 Aug 2010
Good news! The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad moratorium on deep oil drilling in coastal waters will soon be lifted:
The head of the government agency that regulates offshore drilling said Tuesday that it is "unlikely" a six-month moratorium on the practice will be extended.

"Obviously, we can't predict everything that we learn or everything that may happen in the outside world before then, but ... I see no information so far that would justify extending the moratorium," said Michael Bromwich, the head of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management -- formerly the Minerals Management Service.
Indeed so. What, pray tell, might be learned anyway? What can any more long days sitting in front of computer screens possibly yield? What will more samples of fouled water or dead wildlife tell anyone that anyone wants to hear? Wherefore all this tiresome speculation and tedious hypothesizing? Why worry? What is truth? And so on.

Didn't the president already give at least one speech in which he spoke of new safety and environmental rules that might, in the fullness of time, gain the strong recommendation of a panel of experts? Another speech like it won't bring dead birds and fish back to life, now will it?

No. And yet, a couple hundred million gallons of oil here, a couple hundred millions there, and pretty soon people start acting as though the Gulf of Mexico is the campus lawn where the professor has decided to hold class on a nice day.

Besides which, we have learned plenty. We know, for example, that more than 53,000 square miles of the gulf remains closed to fishing, and CNN reliably transcribes the NOAA spokesman's proud statement that this is 37% below the peak from weeks back.

Buck up, everyone -- things are looking grand. BP finally managed to stuff enough poison-infused concrete and mud into the hole to make the oil flow stop, or so they say, and really, at those depths, and at these prices, who has the resources or know-how to check their work thoroughly? Treating this all as an ongoing disaster is so last month's news cycle. Yawn.

Put a boom around what's left of it and open the spigot. The fierce urgency of now beckons us to harvest the gold from these broken molars.

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