Friday, August 27, 2010

Hood to Coast 2010 - Oft-Neglected Necessities

I am moments away from departing for the Hood to Coast and thus in the final stages of fretful preparations.

Here are some often-forgotten items, so if you want to fit in, be sure to forget a few of these:
  • Comfortable shoes for times between legs. Without these, you'll be barefoot, in uncomfortable shoes, or in those sweaty, awful running shoes. How can their unspeakable stench flow throughout the entire van if you never take them off?

  • Spare shoelaces. If you ever watched McGuyver, you know these can be used to get you out of situations where one of your regular shoelaces breaks or gets stolen.
  • Teutonic bombast featuring prominent themes of self-overcoming and dismissal of weakness.
  • Berber carpet. I'm not packing this -- it just happens to be in the photo. I have heard good things about bringing along a few square yards just in case.
  • Astronaut diapers (not pictured).
Posting here will be inconstant until Sunday-ish after the big thing.


Domestically Challenged said...

Oh you crazy H-to-C people!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Dale said...

DC, thanks! It was magnificent, as usual -- so much better than so-called "real life."