Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hood to Coast to Film

Hood to Coast*, the movie? Yes, apparently, Hood to Coast,the movie!

Hood To Coast Trailer from HoodToCoastMovie on Vimeo.

My hope for this film is that I'll appear somewhere in the background of a scene and thus earn the IMDB page I've so desperately been longing for. I saw the film crews at various times and at various spots along the course over the last two Hoods to Coasts (mostly in 2008, which I can confirm by the look of the race bib if not by any other means), but I could only claim they filmed a personal interview with me at the expense of telling a provable lie.

My dread is that if the movie reaches a wide audience and manages to convey something of the romance of the event, it will increase the appeal and thus make it even harder to get a team into it.

Based on the trailer, the one cavil I have is with the suggestion that it's like Woodstock in some way, followed by footage of tie-die shirts and a stereotypical hippie van. Sure, there are hippie-ish people and vans here and there, but that's not a significant theme, either formally or informally. If this film in any way perpetuates or endorses the idea that baby boomers need constant affirmation of their youthful memories by invoking Woodstock too much, then I'm afraid it has to be banned from theaters for the good of our species. We have seen too much of this already.

* Despite fits and starts, I am not yet ready to re-enter the so-called real world outside of running relays.

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