Monday, August 30, 2010

Never Give Up

Still in a post relay haze, I am reluctant to re-enter the world of fighty-fighty bitey-scratchy that underwrites this precious, precious blog -- truthfully, I was hoping that several of the world's problems would just sort of dry up and blow away while I was doing the Hood to Coast -- and it doesn't help matters that I have come across a compelling proof of god's existence.


larryniven said...

You know how bad it's become now? I actually thought you were trying to say (jokingly) somehow that "Never Gonna Give You Up" was a compelling proof of God's existence. It took me a good two minutes to realize you were just playing it straight.

Anonymous said...

I lol'd. I'm not new to the internet, nor am I new to basterdadnom. I stumbled upon your site b/c I want a question answered: What does smaller gov't mean? What does gov't spending mean? It seems to me, the powers that be, are pulling the wool over our eyes. Fuck left, fuck right, I want a straight answer from the context of the conservatives of; "Our Gov't is too large, our spending is too much '$$'." What the hell does this mean? If I get a semi-reasonable answer, I will tell you why I'm confused. Trust me, it's (previous) a dousy, and no controversy either. It seems to me, currently, the left and right dont really understand their left from right. (Liberal vs. Conservative), in case you were confused.

Dale said...

LN, that's truly bad. Trewlee.

Anon., hyperventilation over gummint spending is a psychosomatic seasonal disorder. The season in question: when Democrats are in power.

There is no abstract answer to "how much government spending is too much?" any more than there is an abstract answer to "what is the biggest mortgage an individual should take out to buy a house?"