Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beach Boys 1 to 10

Norm Geras requests lists of favorite ten songs by the Beach Boys, but I have to say I admire them in a "more in the breach than the observance" sense. Too many musicians I admire cite the Beach Boys (or Brian Wilson specifically) as an influence, so I conclude my not-quite embrace of their music indicates a shortcoming in my own tastes rather than any flaw of theirs.

That said, "God Only Knows" is a masterpiece. I will leave the other nine to more ardent fans of the band.


Anonymous said...

"Good Vibrations" for introducing what was, at the time, the futuristic sound of the synthesizer that suggested outer space. "I don't know where, but she sends me there..."

Anonymous said...

Hang on to Your Ego (AKA: I Know There's an Answer). That's Not Me is a close second.
I tried, for years, to deny the genius of Pet Sounds. I'm so silly.