Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Benware Again

If, in recent days, you've been seeing a Red Terror Alert such as the above when browsing this precious, precious blog, you'll be pleased to know -- if not already aware by virtue of being here to read this -- that it should now be gone. This is benware again, no longer malware.

The googles have traced the problem to something or other related to the blogrolling applet I used to have along the sidebar, but that's now gone, and with it, the [potential] malware. Or so I assume -- I never actually encountered the problem here for whatever reason, so I can't actually confirm this represents a fix. I do, however, believe almost everything I read, and I read this is a fix, so I believe it.

Please tell me if you find otherwise.

My thanks to Domestically Challenged for sending an image of the Red Terror Alert. 

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