Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eight Is Enough: An Internets Meme

Domestically Challenged has challenged the world with a meme:

1) The 5 books every person should read .... Frankenstein, Moby Dick, Montaigne's Essays, The Odyssey, and The Republic. From those it should be possible to reconstruct a great deal more.

2) 3 things you hope never to do .... I hope never to give up on the positive aspects of life over despair at the other kind; I hope never to absent-mindedly microwave or wood-chipper any of the pets; I hope I don't get all the way home from work only to find I can't find my keys and I have forgotten who I am.

3) The highest mountain you have ever climbed .... is going to have to be figurative since I haven't done anything properly called mountain climbing in its literal sense. By the overall standards of the milieu in which I was raised, still having most of my original teeth has to be considered a formidable climb.

4) Which of your childhood dreams came true? So far, plenty! All of the ones in which I still had hands as an adult.There was also a very vivid dream in which a large, forbidding bird passed directly behind and slightly above me, beyond my sight and with malicious intent; I suspect that one has come true at least once.

5) A song which makes you smile ... this classic remix of Bill O'Reilly never fails to brighten my day.

6) 3x+1 (edit to remove the = sign) ... I don't know what this one means so I'll just link to a frightful contemporary instance of fatalism, nihilism, bigotry, and idiocy mixed into a toxic dough:

2. The regulation of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere should be left to God and not government and I oppose all measures of Cap and Trade as well as the teaching of global warming theory in our schools.
3. Marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman, any other type of Union is not marriage.
4. Children should not be placed into foster homes where the parents are homosexual, bisexual, or transgender.
5. Parental consent should be required for sex education that teaches more than direct abstinence.
Shorter Ohio Tea Party: Everything I need to know I learned from bumper stickers featuring themes of white racial panic and the celebration of ignorance.

7) The greatest aphrodisiac .... Electric guitar? Acoustic guitar? Broiled prawns? Broiled prawns accompanied by electric guitar? I have no idea; this is one I don't track. I think situations in which the yes-have-sex / no-don't-have-sex decision comes down to the food being served are, really, beneath a pretty thin veneer, situations in which no-don't-have-sex is the right choice. Something deeper that the entree is likely amiss.

8) What happened to your dreams deferred? I don't know, meme. Why are we suddenly speaking in the past tense? Do you know something I don't? Am I already dead?

I invite you to continue this meme, dear reader, either in the comments to this post or in another place of your choosing.

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