Saturday, September 25, 2010

National Punctuation Day?!?

I can't believe I failed to commemorate National Punctuation Day yesterday -- sometimes I really, really loathe myself -- but I still plan to use punctuation it's not too late to participate in the traditional haiku contest:
This year we're trying something a bit more literary—our first National Punctuation Day® Haiku Contest, with the winners receiving a plethora of punctuation goodies.

Send your best 5-7-5 (syllables, that is) poetry to me at, and let the literary games begin! Haikus must be received by September 30 to be considered for prizes.
It doesn't quite say so, but I am making the assumption that the winning haikus will relate to punctuation in some way. With that assumption in my mind's haiku-generating module, I offer these inevitable winners:

Grammar nerds will say:
"Punctuation goes inside
the quotes." U-S-A!

Semicolons are
just like backup quarterbacks:

Read the usage guides:
the comma has nine uses,
each of them boring.

My 'grammar is boring' theme isn't likely to endear me to the judges, but life goes on.


Eli said...

This is maybe my favorite title for a blog post ever. Just thought you should know.

Dale said...

Eli, thanks! Now I'll be inclined to write more of them while I'm slightly-to-very drunk.