Saturday, September 25, 2010

Six Miles Under the Sun

Today I ran the "Best Dam" 10k in a time of 42:31 (6:51 min/mi pace, official results) and it reminded me of what a lovely and friendly place Estacada, Oregon is -- especially on a sunny day like the one we're having today, which puts everyone in the best possible mood.

Speaking of which, why am I sitting here writing a blog post instead of finding something to do outdoors? I have no idea.

My thanks to all the volunteers who made the Best Dam Run such a fine event, and my congratulations to all my fellow participants --- even the impertinent twerps who ran it faster than I did. Well done.


Pete said...

6.2 miles, my man, give yourself your due! Anyhoo, absolutely, Estacada was great and the conditions could not have been more perfect. That was fun.

Dale said...

Pete, yep! That was a day made to be cloned.