Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stephen Colbert Makes His Case for Our Species

Yesterday's Colbert Report was one of the episodes that deserves to go into the next civilization sampler we shoot into outer space in hopes of ingratiating ourselves to advanced alien life forms that will otherwise conquer, enslave, or eat us.

It would be a shame to miss Colbert channeling the brilliance of Peter Sellers from Dr. Strangelove.

Don't stop there -- Colbert's guest, Sean Wilentz, discussed his new book about Bob Dylan, and suggested "Chimes of Freedom" in reply to Colbert's request for a good starting point for coming to appreciate Dylan's music.

I'm not the one to say if this is an ideal entry point to Dylan's music -- I managed to avoid his greatness for far too much of my life -- but I can say that every time anyone discusses a song by Bob Dylan, or plays part of one, it immediately sends me to play it. And "Chimes of Freedom" can't be played, heard, or read too many times, no matter what else is true.

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