Friday, September 24, 2010

Thy Will Be Done?

I pass along this marvelous comic from Married to the Sea without further comment save for this one by Jerry Coyne:
[T]he book [The God Delusion] does address—and refute—all of the most important theological arguments for the existence of God. Yes, of course others like Karen Armstrong, Terry Eagleton and John Haught have suggested new and different views of God, but is it Dawkins’s business to address every argument ever made for God? Had he done that, the book would have been five times as long and less influential. More important, the “new” arguments for God are supported by exactly as much evidence as the old ones: none. It’s curious that people like Melville who make the Courtier’s Reply almost never suggest which important arguments for God are being neglected by the Gnus. Perhaps Melville can direct us to some of the other good evidence for God, Jesus, and Mohamed that Dawkins and Company have overlooked? [emphasis mine]
What he said.

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