Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Waving Wheat Sure Smells Like Hog Fat

Many things are wrong in my home state of Oklahoma, not least being the continuing belief that cigarettes and gravy are kinds of fruit:

For the fruit goal of two or more servings a day, the data showed that in 2009:
* 32.5% of Americans met the goal
* That proportion decreased from 34.4% in 2000
* Four states had small increases in progress toward the fruit goal
* 12 states had rates of 35% to 45% for the fruit goal
* Oklahoma had the fewest residents who met the goal (18.1%)
I'm pretty sure they sell fruit at Wal-Mart -- chocolate-covered raisins if nothing else -- and no doubt at rock-bottom prices, so it's not clear why the rate of fruit consumption in Oklahoma should be so abysmal.

On the other hand, this can only mean the residents of the state will continue drawing a disproportionate share of Medicare, Medicaid, and other public funds to treat health effects of poor diet even while electing the most strident "anti-government" wing nuts on the scene. And that never gets old.

If you're not hungry enough to eat an apple, you're not hungry -- this adage applies everywhere, even in Oklahoma. If you're hungry, eat an apple -- or a pear, peach, apricot, orange, banana, mango, strawberry, etc. But be warned -- if it is slathered in gravy, smells like fried meat, or comes with a printed warning that mentions the hazards of nicotine, check the receipt carefully. It's probably not fruit. Try again.


Sheldon said...

Well speaking of fruit and Walmart, let me share an observation. Walmart does not have the lowest prices. I live in a small town in Arizona with a sizable population of low income people.

There are basically two grocery stores in town. Walmart and Safeway. Now its true, Walmart will have consistently much lower prices on some things I might buy there like salad dressing and toothpaste. However, they noticeably have much higher prices on produce than Safeway. Plus, the produce section is stuck right next to the fried food "deli" at Walmart, which just kills the experience of trying to find affordable produce.

Dale said...

Sheldon, now I'm doomed to a night of nightmares that smell of fried hog fat.