Friday, October 15, 2010

'Bizarre' Is One Word For It

Ed Brayton invites us to

look at the argument they're making [in the Obama administration]:
Obama's Justice Department asked U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips to stay her ruling that overturned the ban while the government prepares a formal appeal. Asking the judge for a response by Monday -- "given the urgency and gravity of the issues" -- the government said that suddenly ending the ban would be disruptive and "irreparably harm the public interest in a strong and effective military."
What a bizarre position. They've made the argument consistently that ending the DADT policy not only won't undermine the nation's interest in a strong military, but that it will support that interest all the more. Now they're arguing that if it's ended now rather than in a few months, it will do exactly what they've claimed it won't do.
More and more I get the impression that Obama is deliberately driving Democrats away from the polls in order to to place himself in a Clintonesque position of being the last brake against the insanity of the GOP. This would set him up favorably for re-election in 2012, or so the political calculus goes. Maybe.

Or maybe he is just a craven chicken-shit.

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Sheldon said...

Ironically, some of the outed gay soldiers expelled from the military in recent years have been trained as Arab linguists.

So if we had a policy that immediately stopped the their expulsion, wouldn't that be strengthening defense intelligence?