Sunday, October 31, 2010

Insanity Unconquered

The Rally to Restore Sanity and the Judy to its Punch, the March to Keep Fear Alive, have come and gone. Was sanity restored? Judging by projections of electoral outcomes in many close races, no. In American politics, sanity continues to be a dimming light, if not a fading memory.

In Nevada, it looks as though Sharron Angle will defeat Harry Reid:

While it's true that Harry Reid offers slightly more charisma than a typical month-old corpse, it is also true that Sharron Angle is a raving lunatic.

Speaking of unhinged extremists who are poised to represent entire states, Ken Buck in Colorado appears likely to win a six-year term in the US Senate:

Unless you're a corporation that finds rules inconvenient, or a rapist who wants the government to force your victims to bear your children, adding the likes of Buck and Angle to the Senate will be a terrible outcome.

If the US Senate gets less rather than more sane after November 2, it won't be the failure of the Stewart-Colbert rallies, of course. Voters can still step forward and defy these projections, or they can see them fulfilled (in and beyond these two western states) and prepare to live with the result.

Whatever it adds to the sanity/insanity quotient, I say it's important to call attention to crazy people who are seeking political power, and to declare them to be the threats they are. Ken Buck and Sharron Angle are extremists. They are not the only ones, nor even the most likely to take office after November 2nd.


Sean G said...

I never would have thought Angle could pull out the win. It's frightening. Nevada has been hit hard by the housing bubble and the Bush economic legacy, who better to sacrifice than their most powerful elected official?

I'm no fan of Harry Reid, but seeing him lose to a militant anti-government extremist is something I never would have expected.

Paul Sunstone said...

I wonder if the Republicans will start with shutting down the government or with impeaching Obama? Any idea?

Dale said...

I haven't followed Harry Reid closely, but I have not been seeing this "fighter" image he's been tagged with in the past. He seems to be playing out a political version of a death-by-cop -- as in, I wonder if he's *trying* to get voted out.

As for what the GOP will do, take the Monica Lewinsky stuff and multiply it by 1000. (The fine details will vary, but the same basic idea -- endless pointless mudslinging.) Congressman Issa has already declared he's going to spend the next two years issuing subpoenas.

So I hope Obama has a warm feeling in his tummy over all that high-minded "looking forward" he has done vis-a-vis Bush-Cheney's war crimes as his entire cabinet and staff whiles away countless hours testifying before Congress over nothing.