Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Narcoleptic British Drivers

Much it grieves my heart to think what man has made of man:

[H]ealth officials in Finland announced they were suspending the [anti-H1N1 flu] vaccination programme there following reports of narcolepsy in people who had received the jab ... Narcolepsy is a rare condition and its causes are unknown ... Once diagnosed with the condition, which is long-term and has no cure, people are not allowed to drive.
Now that's a shock -- British narcoleptics are not allowed to drive? If I were British, I'd be worried about all the unlicensed narcoleptics darting along the roadways, nodding off or trying not to, their dangers trebled by the odd tendency to drive on the left side of the street. It's a wonder anyone is alive there.

Only because it settles this medical question definitively, I note that I developed narcolepsy long before I had ever heard of the swine flu, let alone the vaccine for it, and therefore it is not the cause.

I am glad to have helped.

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