Sunday, October 10, 2010

Podcasts Meme

Some internets memes are made, some are born (I assume), and some are thrust upon you. I hereby thrust the 'meme' rubric upon SolarJinx's recent post listing his favorite podcasts, and continue the meme by listing my own favorites, in no particular order:

  • Reasonable Doubts ( - A philosopher, a psychologist, and a mythologist walk into a podcast ... it sounds like the setup for a joke you'll forget in 20 seconds, but no joke -- they do an excellent job covering topics of interest and relevance to the 'freethought community.'
  • Point of Inquiry ( - This is more hit-or-miss since DJ Grothe gave way to the current rotating host format, but it's still a great resource for hearing from interesting thinkers in science, humanism, atheism, and skepticism.
  • Fresh Air ( - I don't download every episode, but Terry Gross is a gifted interviewer.
  • The Film Talk ( Sometimes I agree with their take on films, sometimes I don't, but I always appreciate how they give serious attention to films of all kinds, not just critical darlings, and I enjoy the give-and-take of the co-hosts' friendship.
  • Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo's Film Reviews ( - They provide everything I wrote about The Film Talk in Britishized form, though they do tend, now and then, to loll around in films that are not likely ever to leave England.
  • This American Life ( - Many times I've entered this podcast expecting to be bored by the subject matter, only to find it compelling. Other times I expect it to be compelling before I hear it, and it turns out to be more compelling than I expected.
  • Radiolab ( - Scientific topics presented with inquisitiveness, humility, and plenty of charm. 
  • The Skeptics Guide ( - Collectively, the presenters know enough to know when to be skeptical.
  • Philosophy Bites ( - Conversations with working philosophers.
I subscribe to various other podcasts, but none that consistently deliver something I'm driven to download.

What about you? If you're reading this and find it worthwhile, consider yourself "tagged" in the meme.


Serah B. said...

My children are too loud for me to ever listen to podcasts!

Sheldon said...

I have been lacking the necessary time for podcasts, but this one is one of my favorites, when I have time, focus leftist perspective on economics, opening commentary and interviews with smart people:

And Doug Henwood has a great Radio voice.

Dale said...

@Sheldon, thanks for that. @Serah, sad!

Laura said...

You covered my favorites, This American Life, Fresh Air and Radiolab. I sometimes listen to Selected Shorts ( and pick out a few Leonard Lopate ( shows.

On Bill Moyers podcasts, although I don't think he's producing any new ones). He's had on Jon Stewart, Robert Wright, John Grisham, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Thomas Cahill, as well as shows on Blackwater and Media Consolidation. You can still download these free podcasts and I think they're worth a listen.

Thanks for your list. I'm interested to hear what you've been listening to.

Dale said...

@Laura, thanks. I listened to the Moyers podcasts when they were still being made. Those were quite good.