Saturday, October 9, 2010

Portland Marathon 2010: I Feel Your Rain

The Portland Marathon starts promptly at 7am tomorrow, and this is the forecast for the 97204. I wish I could say the forecast is likely to be wrong, but while I can say that, it's actually likely to be right. Today has been much the same.

There lies a modicum of hope. Today I put in an ~18-miler under almost identical weather, and it wasn't bad. The water kept me cool, and I drank a little as it rolled down my face. After a while I gave up on avoiding puddles and just started stomping in the deepest part of them, just like a little kid. It was fun! Really!

Whatever happens, remember that the stuff falling from the sky is nothing but water, and water is completely non-toxic. That there is a close correlation between exposure to water and cancer is only an illustration of the principle that correlation does not imply causality. People have been drawn to water for centuries, it is used in thousands of recipes, and tomorrow, volunteers will be handing you cups of it at various points along the course. Water is your friend.

As friendships often are, it is complicated. I can attest there will be chafing, so if you have BodyGlide or something like it, use it liberally. Swipe the whole bar over your body, and I recommend putting an extra few layers on the tenderest parts (you fill in the blank) -- this is the day you bought it for.

Whatever difficulties the weather brings can only add to the glory you achieve. Falling rain is nothing but the sensation of weakness leaving your body.


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Dale said...

The thing about that kind of weather -- it's actually great while you're running. It's when you stop that it becomes a problem: you get cold really fast, and if you've done any chafing, you realize it the instant the water from a shower hits the tender spots. Ouch.