Friday, October 8, 2010

Stereolab Lives?

In a sense, Stereolab will never die so long as there are people who appreciate the music. In a stricter, truer sense, Stereolab disbanded in 2009, only to announce the November 2010 release of a new studio album, Not Music, consisting of songs written and recorded at the same time as 2008's Chemical Chords.

Meanwhile, a more-than-fair approximation of the band's sound has survived through lead singer Laetitia Sadier's recent solo album, The Trip, as well as collaborations with Atlas Sound and surely beyond.

And then Sadier complicated this neat, tidy picture:
"The new LP is the second part, or as I describe it, the ‘night side’ of our last LP, Chemical Chords,” Sadier says. “The band haven't split up officially, but Andy [Ramsay], our drummer, quit at the end of the last tour. If and when Tim [Gane] is ready to write some new Lab material, then we might take it to the studio once again."
People who like their bands to be either unambiguously alive or dead will not like this sort of thing. Those people are making unreasonable demands, and they should be shunned.

In other news of deathless music, John Lennon would have been 70 today.

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