Saturday, October 2, 2010

That Jennifer Connelly Posts Do Well

Today in navel-gazing and things-not-worth-knowing, I offer the strange success of a post I did some time back celebrating Jennifer Connelly's birthday and panning one of her shitty films. It pulls in readers as no other post I've ever spent upwards of 4 minutes conceiving, thinking through, composing, and editing.

The people have spoken. These are the bests posts I have ever written on this precious, precious blog:

  1. Jennifer Connelly at 39: Her beauty is not matched by a knack for selecting good films, though they haven't all been terrible.
  2. The Phineas Gage of Bowhead Whales: A thoughtful investigation of two of nature's luckiest and unluckiest creatures.
  3. From within a Jar: One of my something something garter snakes something posts.
  4. "I never thought I'd solve wet arms and sleeves": Highlighting (and compounding) the internets's tendency to answer questions no sensible person would ever ask.
  5. A Grim Message to All Future Barbie Armies: Honestly, I had to check to recall what this one was about, and even after I did, I still can't say. It concludes by raising important questions about Ken's sexuality.


Mike said...

Dale,that list is a fine testimony to the use of key words (Jennifer Connelly, snakes, wet) by search engines. Somehow I get the feeling that at least some of those people didn't find what they were looking for, although that's no fault of yours.

Incidentally,as I type this, here is what Yahoo says is "trending now".

Kelly Ripa
Teresa Giudice
Facebook Stock S…
Home Loans
Julie Andrews
Renee Zellweger
Black Widow Spid…
62 MPG

I would happily entertain a logical explanation for that list, but I suspect it's just the weird randomness of the internet universe.

Dale said...

Mike, thanks for the hot trending key words -- I'll be sure to use those as frequently as possible for the next little while.

You're right. These stats mean nothing -- no, less than nothing. There is a time and a place for paying careful attention to one's blog's "ratings" or "readership" or whatever (assuming you're not trying to make a living from it). The time is never, and the place is nowhere.