Monday, November 15, 2010

Alone Among Crimefighters

When Lassie sniffs the boomerang, well, you know what that means. I don't know what it means, but judging from the illustration, it means that Lassie is doing what, among crime-fighting icons, Lassie alone can pull off -- she(?) can shift quietly to the background of the scene, here represented by the partial cropping of her(?) image, while the humans carry out their dastardly plots. To them, she(?) is just a dog sniffing at butts, drinking puddle water, drinking toilet water, chewing on shoes, carrying fleas, barking at cars, but Lassie knows and we know it's all a ruse.

In truth, she(?) is absorbing every word and will eventually convey it to her human keeper using gestures we would normally take to mean something like "I want to go outside" or "I have already peed on the rug, so if I don't look like I'm begging to go out, it will somehow look worse when the pee is discovered." Her(?) human keepers will understand it as a detailed account of what's gone wrong and where to go to set it right.

The sniffed boomerang, the tilt of the hat, and the short pants suggest this tale is unfolding on a soundstage meant to be Australia -- obviously a soundstage, for does anyone take that background seriously? -- because everyone there carries a boomerang at all times and dresses in that way. It might be a legal requirement, but by now, these habits are so deeply ingrained in the people that the legal requirement is superfluous.

Last and not least, that Lassie is sniffing the end of that boomerang with such interest can only mean it was recently inserted, well ... you have a rough idea of the range of possible places. It hardly needs saying that this relates to the dastardly deeds about to be foiled by her(?) intrepid ways.

(Image of "Lassie Sniffs the Boomerang" from the post titled "Lassie Sniffs the Boomerang" on Ludic Despair)


Paul Sunstone said...

I am convinced the stories about Lassie illustrate the importance of allowing our dogs to vote in local elections, Dale. They are quite clearly the most qualified members of our communities to sniff out corruption.

Paul Sunstone said...

I forgot to mention my utter dismay at the bigotry of those who would deny some of our most able crime fighters full citizenship and voting rights, Dale. In this day and age!

Dale said...

Paul, you're so right. I can name names of people who really have no business voting and/or dogs who would do a better job of it.

Paul Sunstone said...

Exactly, Dale. For instance, when I think of James Dobson and his little 12 pound dog, I am forced to ask myself: "Which one of them has the best political conscience, the dog who gets beaten, or the man who beats the dog?" To me, it's not a contest.