Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Being Mulcible

I have adopted the antiquated, vanishing, soon forgotten word mulcible, which, according to the vast annals of the googles, has no meaning. According to the Save the Words project, it means the ability to be appeased, or used to mean that before English speakers, in a collective tiff, decided to stop using it.

No longer! Not on my watch, anyway. My adoption of the word binds me to make use of it in everyday conversation, emails, Tweets, Facebook statuses, and, of course, to weave it in to fantastic blog posts such as this one.

We should all endeavor to try to be more mulcible, but for my part, it will have to pause while I complain a little more. The web site for Save the Words is way too interactive --- sounds play, flash imagery floats hither and yon, screen elements float all over the damn place. It's enough to try the patience of even the most forgiving, tractable, and mulcible of us.


Sean G said...

Well, you've learned some SEO optimization it seems, as searching just "Mulcible" on Google puts you in fourth place after a couple of dictionary links which indicate there is no definition.

So how would I use this word in a sentence? "As an environmentalist, Sean voted for Bob Stacey mostly because he was highly mucible?"

Mulcible Maggie said...

I also adopted "mulcible", mostly because I enjoyed the sound of the word. I then promptly forgot what it meant, and had trouble finding it (Google kept asking if I meant "miscible".)

I did not, however, order the T-shirt.

riss said...

Greetings fellow mulcible Save the Words volunteer.

I went to the StW site today and got "mulcible" when I clicked the random suggestion thingy. I was just writing a comment to someone, using our word, and I got the red underline squiggle. I googled mulcible to make sure I was spelling it right and your post came up.

I'm encouraged that you are using your blog to trail blaze usage of the word mulcible. You are an example to me as I begin my work to fulfill my pledge.

I'm glad there are at least two of us working to preserve this special word. I'm pleased that it's easy to say and that the definition is one that we need in everyday language.

If you ever want to contact me, I'm at rissxunATyahooDOTcom.

Dale said...

Riss & Mulcible Maggie, I welcome you as fellow adopters of mulcible. I trust we can share custody of the word in a spirit of goodwill and comity, always keeping the interests of the word foremost in our thoughts, hearts, and sentence formations.

If not, I will put mulcible on a plane and you'll never see it again. Don't think I won't!

Dandy said...

Just reporting back the word, mulcible is being restored thanks to you guys! Two years later and the same search query brings up lots of results and a definition.