Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bricking It

Oregon very narrowly missed electing this guy -- #22 for the New Jersey Nets at the time this video was taken -- as our governor. Check out the free throw form, such as it is:

Chris Dudley has done some very decent things for charity, he's very tall, and he likes money and people who make lots of it, but beyond that, I more or less lost the thread of why he was running for governor.

I am glad he did not, and even gladder that John Kitzhaber is back in Salem. I like his authentic cowboy looks because he doesn't join them with cowboy affectations -- he makes no secret that he's a medical doctor who wears shit-kickers from time to time.

One thing more is clear from yesterday's elections: a great number of voters raised their hands and shook them vigorously as if to say, "If a natural disaster strikes where I live, do not send government aid. If you send me a Social Security check, I'll rip it up, and dammit, if an insurance company can make more money by denying life-saving health procedures, then so be it!" Or in other words:

Leaders of the new Republican majority emerged emboldened on Wednesday, promising to slash the size of government and setting their sights on repealing President Obama's signature health-care overhaul.

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