Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Credulous Cretins Create Crappy Cinema

They're calling this film Christmas with a Capital C, which is all but begging us to think of other words that sometimes begin with a capital C:

Clueless Crock? Conniving Concoction? Cheesy Contrivance? Cheap, Contemptible Con?

All of which is to say, it looks like a good movie to enjoy as part of a binge-drinking game. Every time someone croaks out a half-truth about the legalities of church-state separation, take a drink. I recommend making sure someone is there to dial emergency services or, better yet, cut everyone off before alcohol poisoning sets in.


Sean G said...

I was thinking earlier, and I don't recall anyone ever telling me not to say Merry Christmas. The only time I've heard of this is from people complaining that they're not allowed to say it anymore.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the only time I hear anything about saying "Merry Christmas" is either someone complaining they can't say it, or someone telling me that I can't wish them "Happy Holidays."

Sean G said...

Wow, I just watched that video... talk about offensive! Aside from the condescending attitude toward non-Christians (This is the time the whole world comes together... except the 2/3 or more of the population who is non-Christian) their portrayal of the atheist as some villain on par with Satan... yikes! I love how they accuse people of hating them, by putting together a very hateful propoganda film.

Dale said...

Sean, exactly -- this "don't say 'Merry Christmas'" thing is, at most, a directive given to a few retail workers to avoid being exclusionary. I'm far from sure it has even risen to the level of directive anyplace.

It's a complete crock of shit, in other words. There is no war on Christmas. There is no rule against posting pro-Christmas or pro-Christian wording in public (let alone private) places so long as the place isn't government sponsored/funded. Government sites are paid for by Christians and non-Christians alike, so it stands to reason they shouldn't just reflect the Christian view. Likewise, a majority Muslim town doesn't get to put a big Muslim shrine in its city hall. I'm not sure what's so terrible or difficult to understand about all this. It's a game, is the best I can do to make sense of it. Conservative Christians in this country love nothing better than to play the victim.

Laura said...

From what I've read, most of the founding fathers were deists who perhaps believed in a god, but not one who concerned himself with the affairs of man, and certainly not the god of the bible.

Fundamentalists don't seem to understand that the founders of our country had fled the oppressive monarchic system of government (like the one in the bible) in which the king was divinely appointed by god.