Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Grunting

The votes are still being counted as of this writing, but it's clear that US voters have issued a loud, passionate, inarticulate grunt. I don't follow the chain of reasoning that goes from "the economy is terrible" to "let's elect people who promise to expand corporate lawlessness," but voters are under no obligation to make sense to me.

A few highlights, such as they are:

  • Good riddance, Blanche Lincoln. On the one hand, her occupying space that might have been occupied by a Democrat was doing little more than draining the party label of meaning, so she must be sad to let go. On the other hand, her lucrative lobbying career has begun in earnest!
  • The always-thoughtful voters of Oklahoma have rejected, denounced, thwarted, and trounced the imposition of sharia law. Just in time, too!
  • Under the leadership of the totally not-batshit-insane likes of Kentucky's Rand Paul and Florida's Marco Rubio, the federal budget will soon be in balance. If the federal budget is not in balance by, say, June 2011, wait longer.
  • Tonight marks the start of a two-year frenzy of subpoenas from the new GOP leadership in the House, each inquest as tedious and dishonest as the last. I predict we will be pining for the comparatively sane days of the Lewinsky Era. The coming non-stop carnival of accusations, innuendo, fishing expeditions, and perjury traps will be the answer to President Obama's "looking forward" posture toward his predecessor's assorted crimes and abuses. Turning the other cheek is for losers!
  • Democrats -- many of them, anyway -- will conclude that this election result means they need to embrace corporate lawlessness, austerity for the non-wealthy, "family values" blather, and all the rest. Every single Republican will agree.
The voters have grunted. I don't know what they want. It's not what I want.


Paul Sunstone said...

I hear Iowans voted their Supreme Court justices out of office in retaliation for the Court's decision legalizing gay marriage.

Hey in Colorado, the governor is going to be a Democrat. Good news for redistricting!

It's too early to tell yet, Dale, but the Senate seat might go to the Republican who wants to protect the right of rapists to force women and girls to bear their babies.

Proposed Amendment 62 failed, though. That would have outlawed abortions.

Sean G said...

Nice observation about the "looking forward" payback we'll be seeing.

My favorite joke of the night: In Oklahoma they passed a law requiring all business be in English. Next on the agenda: state business in proper English.

I don't know why I am still surprised that Dudley has a solid chance of being our next Governor.

Dale said...

@Paul, no Buck!

@Sean G, thanks. I've spent the last two years increasingly baffled at Obama's choices. It's past time for him to pull his head out of his ass and recognize the political game for what it is. It's too bad there's an element of gamesmanship when the stakes are so high, but you can either succeed or fail in it. Standing by and wishing it away is just another way to fail at it.