Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Like Sportsmanship. I Hate White Pants.

Fellow sports fans, have you ever dreamed of adding one of the most tedious propensities of World Cup soccer to a sport you are always already on the verge of despising for its own hidebound, unsporting shortcomings? Your dream has already come true:

Lest anyone accuse me of being a homer, I am barely even a fair weather fan of the Oregon Ducks. I only find them useful as a means of needling fans of the Washington Huskies and Oregon State Beavers, and these teams, in turn, serve the same purpose against fans of the Ducks. And the Washington State Cougars too? Sure. Yes, I think they are still participants in the Pac-10 sports leagues. We'd know if they weren't, right?

Good. Pale gold is one of the team colors.
I mostly root for uniforms, and in this connection, I must object to the abominable curse of white pants that has now reached the Washington Huskies.

Bad!Bad white pants bad!

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Eli said...

You know what, though, that guy totally knew what he was doing, injury-faking-wise. If that coach had been Isaiah Thomas or something, I'm sure the acting wouldn't have been anywhere near that good, so you have to give the guy some credit.