Monday, November 22, 2010

Reality Wins

Andrew Sullivan, Dan Savage, Echidne, and Eli Horowitz have already given their spit-takes on Pope Ratzinger's sudden, if heavily qualified, embrace of condom use, but for me, it just renews the usual question of why Pope Ratzinger, any other pope, The Church, condoms, sex, and sexual morality belong together -- even putting all of that in the same paragraph seems wrong.

After all, in the normal course of things, we don't turn to a secretive counsel of prudish, art-hording, gown-wearing, jewel-encrusted, child-raping secretive death cult fiends. When the question is whether or how to use contraception -- an intimate matter, surely -- it seems outright perverse to do so.

Given its long and steadfast commitment to prioritizing the stopping of condoms over the halting of AIDS, I had been this close to accepting The Church's teachings on this matter. I'm glad I gave it another weekend, and it goes to show that the church might just change its collective mind if you wait long enough.

So if you find the Church warring with your corner of reality, give it a day or two. If it still hasn't adjusted in your direction, wait a little more. Here's the important part: while you're waiting, investigate the matter from other perspectives -- subject matter experts is a good start -- and try for a reality-based answer.

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Paul Sunstone said...

It is so nice that such an august moral body as the Catholic pedophilia society and church has at last deigned to allow its members to wrap their peckers in protective plastic under a limited set of circumstances. What a moral break though! If only they would move at least half as fast on cooperating with law enforcement when it comes to removing child rapists from their ranks.